How to pair my hand controller?


My HC is displaying "No signal" even though the battery is successfully connected to the board.


There are two ways to pair your HC. Which one you use depends on your HC version. 

  • Pairing the V.3 Flex HC to the Flex BP
    • Connect to the Flex BP and open the QR-reader in the Awake Link app
    • Scan the QR-code on the Flex HC display
    • The Flex BP will "beep" when the Flex HC is paired correctly



Note! Only one HC can be paired to a BP at a time and the BP has to be connected to the board for the HC to connect

  • Pairing the V.1 Flex HC to the Flex BP
    • If you have V.1 HC you will have to send your HC serial number to and request to generate your pairing QR code
    • Connect to the Flex BP and open the QR-reader in the Awake Link app
    • Scan the QR-code that you received from Awake support
    • The Flex BP will "beep" when the Flex HC is paired correctly


My hand controller doesn't turn on, what can i do?


My hand controller won't turn on when I press the throttle button.



If your HC won't turn on, the first thing for you to do is to place it on an induction charger for 24 hours.


Charging the Flex HX

  1. Plug in the USB cable to a USB port or into to a power socket using the USB Power Adapter.
  2. Place the Flex HC into the slot on the Flex HC charger to start charging.

If after 24 hours your HC still won't turn on, contact our support department. 

What should I do if the throttle button on my HC won't run smoothly?


The throttle button doesn't run smoothly or gets stuck when released. The reason for this can be sand or dirt inside the piston.



To fix this issue you will need a 2,5mm hex tool (Allen key).


  1. Remove the 2,5mm hex screw in the center part of the Throttle Button
  2. Remove the Throttle Button and the Spring
  3. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and remove any debris from inside the Throttle Button Chamber
  4. Place the Spring on the Piston followed by the Throttle Button
  5. Install the screw with applied thread-lock and tighten with power of approx. 0,9Nm



What is auto throttle lock?


The auto throttle lock is a safety feature designed to provide an additional layer of protection against accidental throttle activation. Its purpose is to prevent any unexpected acceleration that could potentially compromise the rider's safety or lead to undesirable situations.

Why should I use the Auto Throttle lock feature?
By enabling this feature, you can rest assured that your board will remain stationary, even if the throttle is inadvertently engaged.

Once the auto throttle lock is activated, it works in a straightforward manner. After a few seconds of inactivity on the hand controller, the throttle will automatically lock, securing the board in a stationary position. To indicate the activation of this safety measure, the LEDs on the battery will dim, signaling that the board is in a locked state.

While in the locked position, any attempt to accelerate the board, regardless of throttle input, will not have any effect. This lock remains in place until you choose to reactivate the throttle functionality.

How do I reactivate my controller after it's been locked?
To reactivate the throttle and restore its availability, simply reapply the Power Key Leash, which serves as the key to unlocking this safety mechanism. Upon reconnecting the leash, the LEDs on the battery will brighten up, signifying that the throttle is once again active and ready to use. 

As a precautionary measure, we highly recommend keeping the auto throttle lock feature enabled at all times. By doing so, you prioritise safety and minimize the risk of unintentional throttle activation. 

My HC won't go down to 0% throttle even if the throttle button is released (only V.1 HC)


While the throttle button is released, my HC shows as if i'm holding the throttle. For example, there's always 17% throttle on. 


Note! This can only happen on V.1 hand controllers.



The reason for this is, that the magnet sensor gets stuck. If your HC is showing anything else than 00% when throttle is not pressed, you can re-calibrate the magnet sensor by:

  1. Turn off the battery in case it's turned on.
  2. Push down the throttle fully and place a PKL on the side of the HC. 
  3. Release the throttle and slowly swipe the PKL up, along the side of the HC.
  4. If the magnet sensor does not re-calibrate after three tries, please contact Support for further assistance.